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YI Sharon Torah Archive

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Class Name Teacher Date Sources
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part I Rabbi Noah Cheses 2016-11-01 Download
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part II   2016-11-15  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part III   2016-11-22  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part IV   2016-11-29  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part V (On Soundcloud)   2016-12-13  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part VI (On Soundcloud)   2017-01-10  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part VII (On Soundcloud)   2017-01-17  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part VIII (On Soundcloud)   2017-01-24  
Ben Sorer U'Moreh - Part IX (On Soundcloud)   2017-01-31  
Living Room Learning - Obligations in Tzedakah Part 1 (On Soundcloud) Rabbi Noah Cheses 2017-01-30 Download
Living Room Learning - Obligations in Tzedakah Part 2 (On Soundcloud)   2017-02-06  
Tour of the Machzor - Part I (On Soundcloud) Rabbi Noah Cheses 2017-09-12  
The mikvah: an exploration of the ritual bath from ancient to modern times Sarah Cheses 2016-11-08  

Limits and Orthodoxy: A Conversation about Halakhic and Hashkafic Boundaries and Inclusiveness

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper

Rabbi Frances Nataf


Looking Back and Looking Forward: Understanding Trauma Dr. Norman Blumenthal 2016-11-26  
How to Help to Your Child: Talking about Loss, Fear and Guilt Dr. Norman Blumenthal 2016-11-27  
In Our Own Voices (On Soundcloud) National Alliance on Mental Illness 2017-02-04  


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