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     B'Ezrat ha-Shem, we will kickoff Mishmash on Motzei Shabbat
Parashat Vayera, 16 November 2019 at 5:50 PM, 45 minutes after

Mishmash is Young Israel of Sharon's parent-child learning program,
including Divrei Torah, refreshments, and raffle prizes.  All parents
and 1st to 5th grade children are welcome to participate in one on one
learning between parents and children.

Mishmash meets in the Young Israel Social Hall bi-weekly on Motzei
Shabbat, 45 minutes after Shabbat ends (see schedule below), from
November to March, during Standard Time.  Our purpose is to learn
Torah and to have fun.  The current leaders are Michael Ravid and Binny

Session # Date Torah Reading Mishmash
1 16-Nov-19 וירא 5:50
2 23-Nov-19 חיי שרה 5:50
3 7-Dec-19 ויצא 5:45
4 21-Dec-19 וישב 5:50
5 4-Jan-20 ויגש 6:00
6 18-Jan-20 שמות 6:10
7 1-Feb-20 בא 6:30
8 15-Feb-20 יתרו 6:45
9 29-Feb-20 תרומה 7:00
Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784