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Kiddush sponsorship

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Sponsoring Main Minyan Kiddush

Sponsoring a 9:00 AM Minyan Kiddush: Email Sandy at to check availability and discuss options.


Simcha “Gold” Sponsor - Requires two weeks advance notice required. For additional main kiddush pricing and information, direct questions to

Kiddushes may be cosponsored with another person/family at 50% per sponsor.



 Sponsoring a 7:30 AM Minyan Kiddush:

1. To book a Kiddush, please contact Andy Shooman or Marty Liss.

A. If you have not contributed to the Kiddush Fund, please send a check for $40 made out to Young Israel (with a notation that it is for Hashkama Kiddush sponsorship) and mail - or bring - the check to the shul office.

2. All sponsors of a Kiddush are also encouraged to make a contribution to the Shul in recognition of the Simcha being celebrated and to supplement the kiddush with additional food items of their choice (e.g.: lox, bagels, cake, ice cream, tuna, etc).

3. A sponsored Kiddush may include some or all of the following items, depending on what is available each week: herring, gefilte fish balls, whitefish salad, hummus, salsa, crackers, potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, candy, cookies, soda, apple juice, grape juice.

4. The Hashkama Kiddush is prepared and all food put out prior to the conclusion of the service. Please let the Hashkama Leader know what the extra foods are that has been brought to be sure they are put out.

5. Prior arrangements must be made to check in any food brought into the shul kitchen.  Please contact Rabbi Cheses.  Food must have a recognized Hechsher and be in an unopened package.

Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782