Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Korach, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

MAZAL TOV to Lytal Kaufman and Jonathan Grob on Oneg becoming a bar mitzvah this Shabbat.

Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Sh'lach, Shabbat Mevarchim

MAZAL TOV to Zach Avigan on his upcoming marriage to Leora Boussi this Sunday in Tarrytown, NY. Mazal tov to proud parents Michelle David, brothers Jason and Noah, and grandparents Elaine Michoel Reiman.

Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Beha'alotcha

CONDOLENCES Deepest condolences to Devorah and Josh Kosowsky on the sudden passing of her brother Naphtali Wacks, Naftali Hertz ben Yehudit vTzvi zl. Devorah will be sitting shiva in Miami through midday today and will be returning to Sharon tonig

Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Nasso


Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Bamidbar - Bonus Mazal and Memorial Day Schedule Change

MAZAL TOV! Mazal tov to Cheri and Gary Sternberg on the bar mitzvah of their son Daniel. Mazal Tov also to Daniel's sister and brothers, grandfather Rabbi Bruce Ochs and grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Imre Sternberg.
Mon, June 26 2017 2 Tammuz 5777