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Strategic Planning Portal

YI Sharon will be embarking on an eight month strategic planning process at Young Israel Sharon in order to better define who we are and to better focus on serving the needs and interests of our members. The process is designed to be as transparent and inclusive as the Rabbinic search process was three years ago, and will build on the work we did as part of it..


We will need your input, and hope that everyone will be involved in shaping the future direction of our shul. To start, we would like you to sign up for one of the committees below.   


We have three desired outcomes of this process:


1) Refined Mission Statement: To develop a more specific mission statement that builds on the data collected through the Rabbinic search process and incorporates new data to be collected through surveys and focus groups. This outcome will also include specific mandates for each board chair that help achieve the overall mission statement.


2) Programmatic and Leadership Restructuring: To identify gaps between what we value and what we are currently doing, and to make recommendations to the board for how to bridge those gaps. (Examples might be creating board chair positions that don’t currently exist, like Israel or Social Justice; shifting the seating arrangement in the sanctuary; new types of programming; etc.)


3) Improved Communication: To identify and create the right communication system between the leadership of the shul and the membership (Examples might include annual report, welcome guide, shul logo, weekly newsletter; guidelines for how/when different information is communicated)


Our plan is that these three outcomes generate:  

  • More communal engagement and motivation for volunteering
  • Retention of our diverse membership
  • A focused, proactive growth plan  


The three co-chairs of the process will be: Cary Krimsky, Dahlia Weinberg and Dan Spira


The work involved will be done by five committees:


1) Measurement Committee

Set a baseline and create a metric for measuring success


2) Survey & Assessment Committee

Collect information about what we want to stand for, identify gaps between current offering and what we want to be, and read out results


3) Mission Statement Committee

Use data gathered through Rabbinic search process to draft a mission statement, then get feedback from community and refine accordingly. Also set the mandates for each member of the board.


4) Communications Committee

Ensure consistent communication throughout the process, updating the community on progress, results, and opportunities to be involved


5) Recommendations Committee

Based on the findings, identify recommendations for how to fill identified gaps in a way that  accomplishes our goals of engagement, retention, and growth. This may include recommendations for programmatic and leadership restructuring, improved communication, and/or additional suggestions.


What committee will you be a part of? Please email


In partnership,


Rabbi Cheses and Naomi Korn Gold

Sat, February 23 2019 18 Adar I 5779