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Minyan Registration

General Logistics

  • There are plenty of seats available for men and women at both the indoor minyanim and outdoor minyanim. Please go ahead and sign up even if you are not sure you will be able to make it. 
  • Masks are still required at indoor minyanim
  • Masks are optional at outdoor minyanim
  • Please bring chumashim/sidurim to outdoor minyanim


Attestation - Preconditions for registration:

Please check boxes to indicate your consent to each of the following.

Shabbat & Yom Tov Minyanim 


  • All Shachrit Minyanim will start at Nishmat Kol Chai
  • There will be no communal singing, altough the Chazzan will be able to use nusach to lead.
  • All outdoor minyanim will be in the sukkah weather permitting
  • All indoor minyanim will be in the main sanctuary
  • Determination of indoor vs outdoor will be made in the weekly announcements email on Thursday morning. 
  • Location of Teen minyan will be announced through the teen minyan whatsapp group.

Sat, September 18 2021 12 Tishrei 5782