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Feedback Portal

We want to hear from you!

Over the past two years the rabbi search process has had several significant benefits to us as a kehillah.  The process created a sense of transparency and new level of energy into the shul. Throughout the process a broad spectrum of members were engaged in the discussion of what they like about our community as well as many truly valuable conversations about can be improved. These conversations addressed people’s concerns including religious and social life, programming, our youth, our building, our online presence, interactions internally and those with the larger community.

The board would like to continue this transparency, communication and participation.  Everyone’s ideas are valuable and we want to hear your thoughts! We would especially like to hear suggestions on how we can make YI Sharon a better place.

To keep the conversation going we are happy to launch this web based Suggestion Box.  You can submit feedback through the links below. Your suggestion or concerns can be on any issue related to the shul.  One board member will receive the submissions and direct them to the appropriate persons on the board, or to the Rabbi or Sandy.

You have the option of providing your name or submitting your comment anonymously. Providing your name is strongly preferred, as it allows us to respond, get further information and work with you on a solution. If you have questions, concerns or feedback for Rabbi Cheses, I encourage you to contact him directly at  I also encourage people to speak directly to me -, Naomi Korn Gold (Vice President) or any member of the shul board.

This is OUR shul and we want everyone to have a say in how we can make everyone’s YI Sharon experience as positive and fulfilling as it can be.

Thank you,

Roy Strunin

Note: To submit anonymous feedback, you must log out of your ShulCloud account.
Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782