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Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Saturday, June 8, 2019 5 Sivan 5779

9:10 PM - 5:00 AM Next Day

9:10 pm Ma’ariv

Adult classes - Main Sanctuary

11:00 pm Rabbi Wohlgemuth’s Torah

From his students, Rachel Feder Levine, Shari Katz & Sharon Lerner

12:00 am Miriam Segura Harrison

The Bechdel Test, Feminist Media, & Bibliodrama in Megilat Rut and Beyond

1:00 am Rabbi Cheses

Number of Letters in the Torah: Can the Rabbis Count?

2:00 am Yoni Halpern

Chapters You Never Thought Could Be Interesting: Divrei Hayamim I 1-8 (...and Maybe You Were Right All Along?)

3:00 am Rabbi Klapper

Tikkun Olam

High school - Beit Midrash

11:00 pm Rabbi Ehrenkrantz

Lo Tachmod: Why It Is Okay to Be Jealous but Not Okay to Obsess

12:00 am Rabbi Cheses

How to Ace Your Talmud Final

1:00 am Deborah Klapper

How & When Do We Remove Leaders from Power: Lessons from Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah

Middle School - The Mercaz

11:00 pm Noam and Michal

12:00 am Aryeh Damti

3:58 am Shacharit

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Fri, August 7 2020 17 Av 5780