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Young Israel of Sharon

The Young Israel is a vibrant shul with a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our ideology is inclusiveness.

Young Israel exemplifies the ideals of Modern Orthodoxy: serious Torah study and practice, with an embrace of diversity; and a participatory openness to the best of contemporary culture and community.

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Pray for all our soldiers

Halakhot of the Three Weeks and Nine Days (Rabbi Sendor)

Weather Report Sunny with Occasional Rockets - A message from Rabbi Sendor on the Fast of the Seventeenth of Tammuz and the situation in Israel - posted July 13th

Shmira Training - August 3. click here to register

Mazal Tov to Adam Goldman for being honored with the 2014 Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award by the American College of Health Care Administrators.

The Summer Beit Midrash is Here! click here

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Inclusion Initiative
   Rabbi Sendor's d'var Torah - Parshas Mezora
   Rabbi Saltzman's Inclusion D'var Torah - Beha'alotcha

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Tue, 22 July 2014 24 Tammuz 5774