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Kiddush Shout Outs


Introducing YI Shabbat Shout Outs!

Shabbat morning shul Kiddush is a time when our YI community gets to connect with each other and socialize. 

It takes the volunteer efforts of many to plan for, shop, prepare, set up and clean up each week.  The cost of Kiddush is a significant weekly expense and shul funds are finite.

We appreciate everyone who has sponsored a Kiddush in the past year to mark significant events in their lives and we hope that you continue to do so.  Unfortunately, there have been far too many weeks when the shul has taken on the expense.  Some members have expressed that they would like to sponsor and share their smachot but the cost is just too prohibitive.  Others have shared that they would like a healthier venue.  We have been looking for ways to help cover our costs, allow more people to feel included in the ability to share with the community, and perhaps have a varied (healthier) menu.

Shout Outs are a way of sharing and including the YI community while at the same time supporting kitchen expenses.  It is simple! Just use the form below or email your shout out to by Wednesday at 6:00 pm and they will be listed and posted weekly on our Shabbat Shout Out announcement board as you enter the shul.  The cost to you is $36 per Shout Out (but we do accept more).  You can be as creative as you like but your Shout Out needs to be family friendly and appropriate for shul.  

Here are a few reasons you might want to do a shout out…
It is my birthday
     I love my wife/husband, kids
 My kids are great
       I passed all/most of my finals
I went driving with my 16 year old and lived to tell about it
     I made it through a tough work week
  I made it through a tough work out
      I ran my first race
It is my dog’s birthday

You might want to thank someone for a special favor.  Our family made it through flu season.  Perhaps you want to wish a friend a happy birthday or just because!!!

We hope everyone will enjoy participating in this endeavor and while at the same time helping to support our shul Kiddush/kitchen expenses.  Remember this does not replace sponsoring a Kiddush.  This program will help us to cover the costs we incur when it is not a sponsored week.  We encourage people to continue to sponsor shul wide kiddushim. 
Any questions can be emailed to


Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783