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High Holidays Seats 2019 / 5780


Once again it is time to plan for the Yomim Noraim, and the seating committee is preparing for a complex assignment. As always, we will be having two minyanim. One will be in the main shul, the other in the social hall. Please respond promptly with your completed form. Waiting until the order deadline may not guarantee you your location.

This past year was near full capacity. If you want seats, you MUST submit your form by Tuesday, September 3rd, 9 AM.



The procedure for making seat reservations for the Yomim Noraim is as follows:

  1. All orders should be submitted via the form below.  To register for member prices, you must be logged into the shul's website.  If you do not remember your login, you can enter your email at to have a login link emailed to you.  If you need further assistance please contact Sandy at the shul office, 781-784-6112 or
  2. If you are interested in Childcare, please fill out the childcare form at  You must fill out the childcare form if you plan to take advantage of any of the childcare options.
  3. Our seat prices are listed on the order form below. We have a family cap rate at $580 (for both holidays: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) or $380 (for one holiday: Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur) which is the price for two adults and 4 or more dependent children. Dependents are students. Married children cannot be claimed as dependents. Children must be over the age of five to be assigned seats under the family cap.  If you wish to register under the family cap, please contact Sandy at the shul office, 781-784-6112 or
  4. You can purchase seats at member prices only if you are considered a member in good standing. “In good standing” means that all dues, annual building fund obligations, and fees are paid in full (or that you are up to date with any payment plan arranged with the financial secretary) for all prior fiscal years in which membership is held. 
  5. The prices below reflect a $25 discount per seat. All orders received after the deadline must include an additional $25 charge per seat. If this is not included, it will be put on your shul bill.
  6. All orders must include payment, unless other financial arrangements have been made with the Financial Secretary (Avi Traum by email only:
  7. LATE ORDERS: We guarantee space to everyone who wants to daven with us, but it is no longer possible to accommodate everyone according to their seating preferences. Late reservations or incomplete forms may result in seats being separated or not in the location which you requested and/or are used to. Late orders will be seated WHERE SPACE IS AVAILABLE. No room requests, location or other seating requests will be acknowledged other than disability needs. We will not overcrowd the Social Hall! Even if you will be leading part of the service, your form MUST be in on time or your family may not be seated in the same room.
  8. It is our hope to assign seats in the same location where you were seated last year. If you would like to change your seat location, or if you were not here for Yom Tov last year, please indicate seat location preference in the Special Seating Needs section. We will do our best to honor your preferences but there are no guarantees that this will be possible to do. Seat orders must be received by the deadline in order to consider location requests. (Do not comment if you are satisfied with your location).      

We try to keep the cost of Dues and Yom Tov seats down, and in fact we are very reasonable with our pricing. Please remember that this is a major part of the shul operating budget.


The form below is to be used for ordering your Yom Tov seats. Please be sure to fill in all requested areas completely, including age of dependents, as this information is vital to seating everyone comfortably during both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Incomplete forms will not be processed until all requested information is obtained.

Financial issues? Contact Financial Secretary Avi Traum by email only:

Questions? Contact Sandy at the shul office, 781-784-6112 or


Registration for High Holiday Seats is now closed.  If you need assistance please contact Contact Sandy at the shul office, 781-784-6112 or

Sun, June 7 2020 15 Sivan 5780