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                        New Tribute Cards Available to Purchase or Send

Please enjoy sending our new donation cards!
6-Packs ($54) which include 2 of each scene are available for purchase from 
Suellen Beiser,
or have a card sent for you ($18 each).

You may also order a card sent through this link. Choose Tribute Cards for the drop down option.

Magnificent photography by Matt Rides Photography.



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enlightened Learning Opportunties at YIOS in 5783 ~ See all that is happening HERE.

Young Israel of Sharon is a vibrant shul with a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our ideology is inclusiveness.

Young Israel exemplifies the ideals of Modern Orthodoxy: serious Torah study and practice, with an embrace of diversity; and a participatory openness to the best of contemporary culture and community.

Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784