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Weekly Announcements

Young Israel of Sharon
                                                     Shabbat, July 25th
Parashat Devarim
I.            Schedule
II.              Weekly Learning / Youth Groups
III.            Shul News       
a)           Mazal Tov
b)          Refuah Sheleimah
c)           Learning on the Lawn
d)          Summer Beit Midrash
e)           Messages from our President
f)            Calendar
g)           Housekeeping
h)          Rabbi Sendor
IV.         Kiddush this week is sponsored by the Shmuel family
I.                   WEEKLY SCHEDULE
Friday, July 24
6:10 a.m. & 6:50 a.m. – Shacharit
7:00 p.m. Candle lighting, Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv
7:54 p.m. Standard Candle Lighting
Shabbat, July 25
Shabbat Hazon
Erev Tisha B’Av (Tisha B’Av nidcheh)
Parshat Devarim
Divrei Torah by Fellows of the Center for Modern Torah Leadership
7:30 a.m. Early Shacharit
9:00 a.m. Shacharit
6:00 p.m Mincha (note early start), Seudah Shelishit at home
Tisha B’Av
8:11 p.m. Fast Begins.
9:00 p.m. At home, say “Barukh ha-Mavdil bein Kodesh le-Chol” and remove leather shoes.
9:20 p.m. Maariv at Shul, Borei Me-orei ha-Eish, Eikhah, Kinot
10:15 p.m. Women's Eicha Reading at the home of the Altabet family, 47 Harold St.
Sunday, July 26
Tisha B’Av
8:00 a.m. Shacharit with Kinot. Insights into the Kinot by Rabbi David Saltzman
12:51 p.m. Halakhic Mid-day, sitting on chairs permitted from this time.
3:00pm - 5:00pm  “Standing Silent”: Tisha B’av Screening and Q&A (see below)
6:00pm - 7:00pm - Tisha B'Av DVD (see below)
7:15pm – 7:45 - Nuclear Free Iran - Action Items
7:50 pm Mincha/Maariv (with tallit and tefillin):
8:50 p.m. Fast ends, Maariv, Havdalah (wine only)
Weekday schedule for July 27-31
6:00 & 6:50 a.m Monday & Thursday
6:10 & 6:50 a.m. Tuesday & Wednesday
7:54 p.m. MondayThursday
Friday, July 31
Tu B’Av
6:10 a.m. & 6:50 a.m. – Shacharit
7:00 p.m. Candle lighting, Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv
7:47 p.m. Standard Candle Lighting
Shabbat, August 1
Parshat Va’etchanan
Divrei Torah and Shiurim by the Fellows of the Center for Modern Torah Leadership Summer Beit Midrash
7:30 a.m. Early Shacharit
9:00 a.m. Shacharit
6:00 p.m. Community Seudat Shlishi
7:47 p.m Mincha, Special Shiur with Fellows of the CMTL SBM.
8:51 p.m. Maariv, Havdalah
Sunday, August 2
8:00 a.m. Shacharit
7:47 p.m. Mincha/Maariv
Tisha B’Av Events
3:00pm - 5:00pm  “Standing Silent”: Tisha B’av Screening and Q&A
On this day of mourning and reflection, we invite you to a screening of “Standing Silent”, a documentary following the efforts of former Baltimore Jewish Times Editor Phil Jacobs (father of YI member DeDe Jacobs-Komisar) in exposing child sexual abuse at the hands of prominent rabbis in the Baltimore Jewish community. An Orthodox Jew himself, Jacobs found himself ostracized by many in his own community determined to cover up the truth. Through a multiyear investigation featuring interviews with many abuse survivors, including recent Young Israel of Sharon speaker Genendy Radoff, Jacobs confronts not only the rabbinic establishment, but demons from his own past. Released in 2011, the message of “Standing Silent” remains urgent as ever in light of ongoing revelations in Jewish communities worldwide. The film will be followed by a Q&A with Phil Jacobs.
View the film’s trailer here:
6:00pm - 7:00pm - Tisha B'Av DVD
Rebuilding From the Ashes. A Tisha B'Av video presentation featuring Rabbi Shalom Rosner on "What's Holding Us Back?" and Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schacter on "From Tragedy to Rebirth: Reflections on Seventy Years After the Shoah".  (From YU and the OU).  Follwed by a discussion with Rabbi Saltzman
7:15pm – 7:45pm Nuclear Free Iran - Action Items
Don’t assume that the Eruv is up, even when there is good weather! For Eruv status, call 781-784-4299. For maps and additional Eruv information, log onto
Construction on the school wing has begun, and space will be extremely limited through the summer. We will experiment with how best to use the space we have available.
Shabbat groups for grades K-3 will meet in the modulars (5th grade side).
Babysitting in the Beit Midrash (sorry, no food allowed).
Note: While the builders will do their best to block off construction areas, please keep a closer watch on children to ensure the safety of everyone.
Mazal Tov to Jenny and Eliad Shmuel, big brother Doni and big sister Maya on the birth of a baby boy!  Mazal tov to the entire Lichter and Shmuel families! Please join them at around 11 am for the brit milah following shabbat morning services. 
Dr. Mark Weiner, Mordechai Nachman ben Shoshana
Rivka bat Chasya
Dr. J. Aaron Herschfus
Harry Weinstein, Tzvi Elimelech ben Rivka
Yosef Beryl ben Zissa 
Yoseph ben Zissel Chaya
Yitzchok Ben Freda
Channah Liba bat Chaya Sarah
Chaya Sara Bat Chana
Chieyna Miyza Bat Esther
Please join us  on Shabbat, July 25, at 5:00 pm at the home of Rabbi & Mrs, Yitzie Weiner, 17 Bradford St. .  Rabbi Weiner will offer a shiur:  The Mitzvah of Self Esteem.  Please join us!  All are welcome.
The Summer Beit Midrash fellows are happy to learn Jewish texts, from Tanakh to Gemara to Chassidut, with people of all ages in the Sharon community over the summer. If you are interested in a chavruta, please email
Also, as part of the program, Rabbi Klapper gives Tuesday evening shiurim that are fairly popular and usually pretty awesome. Please join us at Young Israel! Rabbi Klapper will speak on:
Ethics for Rabbis, on the assumption that they are much like other human beings July 28

Community Seudat Shlishi
Everyone is invited on Shabbat Nachamu (August 1) at 6:00 pm for a community seudat shlishi in the shul to wish farewell and good luck Iris Blitstein and family who are moving to New York.  Iris has served as our shul’s bookkeeper and administrator for the past ten years. The professionalism of her work and her dedication to the YI community has touched the lives of each and every member of our congregation.  Thank you.
Constitution and Bylaws
Reminder:  The Constitution and Bylaws subcommittee wants to ensure that all concerns are considered. The committee is collecting feedback from members regarding proposed changes. Feedback is being collected through July 30th. If you would like to submit comments or suggestions, please use the feedback form posted on the bylaw page of the YI website:
Family Photos for 2016 Calendar: Back, by popular demand, is the Family Photo section.  Libi Rides will be coordinating this. Family photos of members will be carried over from last year – unless you advise Libi otherwise. 
Please make sure your family is in the CENTER of the photo. And be sure your last name and a first name is part of the the file name. E.g. Rides-Libi-Family.jpg
If you would like to add, update or remove a photo please email Libi at: 
Deadline: August 9th
Now that the weather is nice, we would like to remind anyone who takes their Kiddush outside to please remember to throw away your plates, cups, etc. in the trash.  We will be placing a trash can outside to help with the cleanup. Please remind your children to help keep our shul clean.
The Rabbi will be returning August 13 and is available via e-mail.  Members can also contact Roy, Naomi, and Josh or the shul office to contact him. Also, halachic issues can be brought to Rabbi Klapper.
Kiddush is sponsored by the Shmuel family in honor of the birth and brit milah of their son.
Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780