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Weekly announcements

Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Vayakhei-Pekudei, Shabbat Mevarchim, Parshat Hachodesh

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Kiddush Sponsorship Update ~ Shabbat Ki Tisa, Parshat Parah

KIDDUSH! Kiddush this week is sponsored by proud grandparents, Robin and Jake Weiss, in honor of the birth of their new grandson.

Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Ki Tisa, Parshat Parah

Mazal tov toLibi and Matt Rides on the birth of a baby boy this past Shabbat!Mazal Tov also to the whole family, especially big sister, Michaella! The bris will be Shabbat morning about 1115 a.m. at the shul. As well, there will be a Shalom Zachar

REVISED TIMES!!!!! Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Tetzaveh

Weekly Announcements ~ Shabbat Tetzaveh

Thu, 23 March 2017 25 Adar 5777