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Chessed / Tzedakah

Young Israel of Sharon offers a chessed community that cares for each person in time of need. Whether there is a birth, death, illness, in need of hospitality or helping with special needs children, our community is there for you. See below for appropriate contact person. 

Young Israel of Sharon recommends several US and Israeli Charities. Donations can be made to the "YI Tzedakah Fund" with the name of the charity you would like to make the check out to written on the memo line. Please mail your donation to Young Israel of Sharon, Attn: Sandy Spector, PO Box 118, Sharon, MA 02067. For a detail list and explanation about our recommended charities, see the "Tzedakah" section below.


A Guide to Bikur Cholim - 
As part of our outreach in chessed, we have put together a guideline for Bikur Cholim (visiting or helping the sick) approved by Rabbi Sendor.  We hope that you find this guide helpful not only in Bikur Cholim, but in any situation in which people in our community are experiencing stress or crisis.  Click here to view


In an effort to serve the Young Israel community in a more efficient way and to ensure that each and every person is cared for in their time of need, committees have been set up to help. If you or someone that you know could use assistance at any time like births, Bikur Cholim, Hospitality, Special Needs or Deaths, please contact Cyna Reisman at

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any of the committees or if you have any additional questions, please contact Cyna Reisman at


Tzedakah Opportunities in the Shul

The Eddie Fistel Memorial Fund - click here
The Ed Fistel Memorial Fund provides a gift to each child of the Young Israel of Sharon who reaches the age of Bat and Bar Mitzvah. Ed Fistel, alav ha-Shalom, was a beloved teacher in our Kehillah. Demanding yet warm-hearted, with a highly disciplined and effective teaching method, he had the ability to help each and every child rise to their highest potential. Contributions to the Ed Fistel Memorial Fund help provide Bnei Mitzvah with a copy of Rabbi Dr. Isaiah Wohlgemuth's "Guide to Jewish Prayer." This is a precious book of deep insight into the Siddur, a book close to Ed Fistel's heart, written by his own teacher, and we are honored to present this gift to our Bnei Mitzvah in his memory.

Tree of Life
Our tree of life is branching out. All of the formerly purchased leaves were placed on the Young Israel's Etz Chaim, located in the entranceway of the shul. You can still purchase a new leaf in recognition and celebration of your simcha for $100 per leaf. To participate in the tree of life, email Marcia Shimshak at

Tribute Cards
If you would like to send a card to the shul or would like to purchase donations cards for yourself, please contact Michelle Hamer at 781-784-7867.

Yahrtzeit Memorial Plaques
You can memorialize a loved relative or friend who has departed by purchasing Yahrtzeit Memorial Plaque. The plaque is hung on the yarhrtzeit board in the YI sanctuary. Light bulbs are lit on the occasion of the yizkor services and the name of the departed individual is read aloud by the Rabbi at the time of the yizkor prayer. In addition, a reminder card is sent out to the purchaser with the date of the yahrtzeit. For more information or to order a plaque, please email us at

Tzadakah Funds/Institutions

Holly Mindick Fund
This fund was established to provide shabbas meals for shiva houses. The fund was set up by Sonny and Judy Mindick in memory of their daughter, Holly Mindick. Donations can be made directly to the shul, noted, Holly Mindick.
Please drop off the check to Iris in the shul office or mail to YI Sharon, PO Box 118, Sharon, MA 02067.

Jaffa Institute/Bet Shemesh
These institutions were established to help troubled, impoverished, and disadvantaged children in Israel. These schools give children the opportunity to live and study in a caring environment and to receive a quality Jewish education. The facilities are run professionally and effectively... and with great heart http://www.jaffainstitute.org

Matan, Moshav Yonatan, Ramat Ha-Golan, 12415: a first-rate Tzedaka Fund for Northern Israel that helps families with financial and personal problems. They carefully interview their clients and research their needs to provide effective help. For additional information, contact Rabbi Sendor.

Pa’amonim was set up in 2000 with the purpose of rehabilitating people in financial distress. This organization helps families learn the life-skills necessary to re-structure their finances and help them get out of debt. (Ben Gurion 22, POB 120 Givat Shmuel 54100):

Schneider Children's Medical Center
An American not-for-profit organization that provides financial and technical support for the delivery and improvement of health care in Israel. Schneider Children's Medical Center helps when Israel is in crisis, including the work of the stress, trauma, and anxiety disorder center.

Here is the most recent update report on the Anxiety Trauma and Stress in Israeli Youth Project. For years the membership of the Young Israel of Sharon has supported this project. As of today, we have donated nearly $38,500 towards these efforts. We have personally funded several of the child psychologists who are listed as part of the project staff. This report illustrates how much of a difference this work is making for the children of Israel. This past year has been a difficult one for Israel and her children. The Medical Center is still in need of our continued support. If you are interested in making a contribution towards this program, write out checks directly to “Schneider Children's Medical Center” and drop the check off to Dan Shimshak or to Iris in the shul office. (The organization is 501(c)3 and tax-deductible. A donation letter will be sent from Schneider's.) For additional information: e-mail Dan Shimshak at

Tzofim Garin Tzabar
is an exciting new program designed to help young American Jews that want to go to Israel and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. The Garin returns to Israel as a group, lives together on a Kibbutz, and individually serve in the army. For those who would like to serve, but are afraid to do it alone, Tzofim Garin Tzabar offers a support network for Hebrew speaking American young adults. Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi will host the first religious Garin Tzabar. To accommodate the Garin, construction work is being donated and 25 families have agreed to host individuals participating in this program. This program is designed to help young adults deal with religious dilemmas during their army period. Funding for equipment and program preparation is needed.

Donations can be made to the YI Tzedakah Fund, with "Garin Tzabar" on the memo line. For additional information, contact Hana Berman at 784-6475 or Anne Sendor at 784-5391.

Yad Chessed

A Tzedakah organization of the Greater Boston area, including Sharon. One hundred percent of your contribution helps provide food, clothing or funds towards shelter for struggling families. Our Shul has had a
close relationship with Yad Chessed for decades. In these very difficult times, this is an organization that really makes a difference.

Yad Chessed is a one-man charity founded by Bob Housman of Brookline almost 20 years ago with the express purpose of providing short-term assistance to local Jews in need who fall through the cracks of the Jewish community and general social services system.

With no fanfare, no grants, no publicity, no staff, and almost no outside help, Yad Chessed now distributes over $225,000 annually in emergency aid, ongoing food and clothing assistance, interest-free loans, and special holiday allocations to nearly 1,000 individuals who have no ready access to other sources of help. For these people, Yad Chessed is quite simply the difference between making it and not making it.

You can send your tax-deductible contribution to Yad Chessed,
P.O. Box 470752, Brookline Village, MA 02447.

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